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Individual Milongas

Late Bird price:
full payment received
after 01.03.2018 and
before 11.04.2018
Payment from
onwards /
at the door
Milonga Aluan (THU) RM 150/-- RM 165/--
Milonga Asmara (FRI) RM 150/-- RM 165/--
Milonga Alam (SAT) RM 150/-- RM 165/--
Milonga Akhir (SUN) RM 150/-- RM 165/--
Milonga Package
All 4 Milongas
RM 480/-- not available
Late Bird price:
full payment received
after 01.03.2018 and
before 11.04.2018
Payment from
onwards /
at the door
Single workshop RM 185/-- RM 200/--
Workshop Packages
Bronze Package
3 Workshops
RM 550/-- not available
Silver Package
6 Workshops
RM 1010/-- not available
Gold Package
9 Workshops
RM 1400/-- not available
Reach for the Stars
All 12 Workshops
RM 1560/-- not available

Terms & Conditions

Mode of Payment:
On registration a confirmation email will be sent with your bookings.  A payment link will also be sent for Paypal or Credit Card. (Transaction charge + 5%)

Other modes of payment are:
Telegraphic Transfer, online transfer, cheque made out to:
Name of Account:
Marguerite Edith Brodie
Name of Bank:
Account number:
Swift Code:
Send proof of payment to
(Receipt of your bank transfer. An easy way is to take a picture with your smart phone
and send it as an attachment via email.)

Cancellation Policy:

  • By 14 March, 2018 - 50% refund
  • After 14 March, 2018 - no refund
  • Early bird prices are applicable when the complete payment is done prior to the deadlines.
  • Prices are net and do not include bank charges, commissions. These costs are the responsibility of the participant.
  • The booking registration is guaranteed when the full payment is received.
  • All prices are in MYR Malaysian Ringgit.
  • If you are a single participant then KLTF Team will try their best to find you a partner.
  • We have no obligation on the quality and the attendance of your partner.
  • You cannot change the classes you have registered to during the festival unless you
    receive a confirmation from the organizers.
  • No guests are allowed in classes. KLTF Team has the right to ask participant to prove their attendance to any particular class or milonga. If the participant fails to prove
    his/her participation then payment is required.
  • Your reservation is on a waiting list and will only be confirmed when payment is
  • In case of a cancellation by the participant please refer above to the policy. Any loss
    due to miscommunication from wrong data in your registration will not be refunded.
  • In case KLTF Team cancels the event, then all the deposited money will be refunded to the participant.
  • All bank commissions during deposit or refund are under the responsibility of the
  • Teachers will offer change of partners during the workshops. Dedicated Couples
    who register can remain with partner by choice.
  • Any audio/video recording in workshops is not allowed. Please note that a resume of
    the class will be done at the end and video can then be taken upon confirmation
    with the Maestros.
  • It is the participant’s responsibility to ensure that he or she has all the required
    conditions such as, health, authorizations, visa, etc. to participate in the festival.
  • KLTF Team is not responsible for any problems that arise should these conditions not
    be met.

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Marguerite, Andreas & Shu